Our Philosophy

Community Baptist Church exists to glorify God by evangelizing the lost and equipping believers to Christlikeness.

At Community, we believe each of us was created by God to bring glory to Him—that is, in our thinking and responses, our words and actions, we are to declare that He is God and not us; He is worthy of our love, our trust, and full obedient allegiance. In obedience to Him, each of us is to be holy as He is. And each of us is responsible to be His disciple. We are each responsible to make disciples, as well. None of these will ever be done perfectly, so members of CBC rest in the righteousness and obedience of Jesus Christ for our right-standing before the Father. But these must be our pursuits. We must each know Christ, learn Christ, and lead others to know and learn Christ. We must each be a disciple-making disciple. That is what it means to be a Christian. Anything less is insufficient for a believer. So we start there. That’s what you and I are supposed to be as a Christian.

      Scripture is clear that I’m neither the first Christian, nor the only Christian. In fact, I was made a child of God for the purpose of being connected to the body of Christ, which is millions and millions of other Christians. The only place to really see that reality in any kind of active physical form is in a local, visible gathering of Christians who partner together to grow as disciples and to help each other make more disciples—a local church. So a church—this church—exists to glorify God by equipping those who know Jesus to know Him better and to help them lead others to know Jesus better. Community Baptist Church exists to glorify God by equipping believers to become disciples of Jesus Christ who evangelize the lost to become His disciples. That is why the church is supposed to exist. We may do other things connected to that mission, but that must the ultimate ‘why’ behind everything we do.