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Matthew 28:19-20

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age. "

Community Baptist Church exists to glorify God by equipping believers to become disciples of Jesus Christ who evangelize the lost to become His disciples. That purpose flows from the commands of Jesus Christ, Himself. And the command extends far beyond the boundaries of Silver Lake, beyond the Village of Salem Lakes, beyond Kenosha County to the very ends of the earth. Thankfully, we have never been alone in this endeavor. Jesus is with us and with many others who leave the familiarity of home to carry the Good News of Jesus to other parts of the United States and to nations of the world. CBC is honored and privileged to partner in a small way with a few faithful servants of Christ who extend His message to people and places that we here may never see. Our financial support is needed, but much more so our prayers.

Prayer Reminders


Use the App List

Use the missionary list on the app to remember a missionary each day or week.

Use the CBC Membership Directory

All missionaries (including those in Creative Access regions) have full contact information in the directory. Pray for one each day or each week.

Sunday Bulletin

Pray for the listed missionary throughout the week.


Mid-Week Prayer Gathering

Pray for the missionary of the week and other missions emphases with your church family on Wednesday evening.

Adult Bible Fellowship

Pray for the missionary listed in the Sunday bulletin at your ABF table or Disciple-Making Bible Study.

Dr. Jack & Keiko Marshall

Read a nice article about the Mayo's ministry in a Melbourne publication HERE.

Steve and Sue Mayo

Australia / Asia-Pacific
For the past 10 years, Steve has been ABWE director for the Asia-Pacific, leading church planting teams in Mongolia, Japan, South-East Asia, Papua New Guinea and Australia.
For the past seven years, he has juggled that responsibility with preaching at the Calvary Baptist Church, Wamberal, on the New South Wales Central Coast. It’s a 75-minute commute from his Sydney home.

Caleb & Ecko Stein

Trujillo, Peru
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Joe & Bonnie Valentin

Projects Director - Bibles Internatioinal
Joe is passionate about publishing the Word in every conceivable format: print, audio, digital, and video. Included in his burden for the Bible-less around the world is a special burden for those involved in the process of translating Scripture into their language. Although a daunting task, his department strives to ensure that the national teams receive all the assistance Bibles International can provide.

Creative Access Countries

In the past, Christian missionaries and agencies have used terms like "closed" or "restricted access" to refer to countries or regions where traditional missionary activity is illegal, banned, or otherwise limited. More recently, the term 'creative access' has become the norm because it communicates the truth that, while human governments may oppose, the Gospel is not bound. Community is thankful to partner with faithful servants building relationships, sharing the Gospel, and planting churches in difficult parts of the world. For their safety, we do not share their information online.

Alpha Team Missions

Middle East
Contact the church office directly for updates and contact information.

Charlie Team Missions

Contact the church office directly for updates and contact information.

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