Answers to Common Questions

What is a Sunday Service like?

Our Sunday morning service usually runs about 75 minutes. We will enjoy reverent, joyful singing, praying, reading Scripture, and listening to preaching from the Bible. You will find a detailed order of service in your bulletin, and hymnals under a seat in front of you. Direction from leaders on the platform and information on the large center screen will help you join in. We are happy to offer a Bible for your use during the service if you do not have your own. 

Do I have to give money?

No! You are welcome to give if you desire, but we do not ask for your money. Community Baptist Church is supported solely through the faithful and cheerful giving of our members. Because all we have is from God, we cheerfully return a portion of His blessing back to Him through regular offerings. He freely gave us the Good News of Jesus Christ and we are happy to offer it freely to you.

Do I have to dress up?

NO! You will find a range of dress at our services. Our pastor wears a jacket and tie out of respect for the privilege and responsibility of preaching God’s Word. Dressed up or dressed down, we’re happy to have you with us to hear it.

Do I have to be a ‘good person’ attend?

No! You will find no perfect people here, but you will find people who bring our struggle to Jesus and are happy to point you to HIM. You are welcome to simply 'come and see.'

What is a Christian?

Members of CBC know that sin separated us from God. But, because we believe that Jesus died to pay for our sins (that’s faith), we have asked for His forgiveness and turned from living our own way to living to serve Him as our Lord (that’s repentance). Joining CBC did not make us Christians—we are Christians because we repented and believed.

More questions?